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TreatPod Extra Strength Bags



TreatPod Bags tear easily, making it easier to quickly pick up your dogs mess. Less time spent fiddling with bags means more play and walk time!

These extra strength bags are designed to be the most convenient way to pick up after your dog on the go. EZ- Tear technology combined with extra strength bags mean you’ll be prepared to handle any job quickly and easily!

Extra Strength

Heavy Duty Bags

No Pun Intended.

Our bags are designed to be extra strong and ready to take on any job thrown at it.

Each roll contains 15 bags.

Easy Tear Technology

TreatPod Bags are ultra perforated to ensure you spend less time opening the bag and more time walking.

Designed for TreatPod Dispensers

We design all our products from the bottom up to maximize convenience and minimize pain points. While our Extra Strength Bags were designed with our dispensers in mind, they will work with most other dispensers.