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TreatPod 2 in 1 Bag Dispenser and Treat Holder

$9.99 Regular price $12.99
Color - Blue

You asked for it, so we delivered. 


TreatPod Dispensers allow you to conveniently carry waste bags and treats on the go. Treats can be stored below the waste bag dispenser via a strong and secure twist off compartment. These serve as great aides for potty training, allowing you to treat your pup after they finish their business. 

-Attaches to your existing leash using our custom designed clips

-Treat compartment is airtight and waterproof. Fresh treats guaranteed.

-Extra Strong Unscented Poop Bags Included. One free roll (15 bags) per TreatPod Dispenser. Guaranteed heavy duty (no pun intended). 

PRO TIP: TREAT STORAGE OPTIONAL! - Don’t need treats for daily walks but want to have the option for treats on longer adventures? TreatPod Dispensers are designed to be functional even without the bottom treat compartment. Simply unscrew the bottom treat compartment and leave it behind. Then reattach it once you need it again!

A Match Made In Heaven

For our customers that have to pick up after our best friends, we designed the ultra compact TreatPod Dispenser

The TreatPod Dispensers feature dedicated compartments for treat storage and potty bags. Say goodbye to having a cluttered leash handle and hello to treating your pup anywhere and everywhere.

Heavy Duty Waste Bags Included

Dispensers are easy to load and replace on the fly. Every order includes 15 free extra strength TreatPod Waste Bags

Treats Stay Safe and Sound

Our containers are ultra durable and ready for any adventure rain or shine. Rest assured that your pups treats will stay fresh and delicious no matter what.