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TreatPod Training Bundle

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Color - Blue/Black
Tired of digging in your pockets when your dog needs a quick reward? Tired of not being able to get your dogs attention? With a TreatPod Training Bundle, you don’t need to worry about either of these issues! Get your pups attention utilizing clickers and then reward your pup with treats!

Unlike other training pouches on the market, TreatPods go everywhere your dog goes! TreatPods securely attach to your existing leash and is airtight and waterproof.

Clickers produce an audible sound that will get your dogs attention but is not too loud. Clicks will pique your dogs interest and will hold their attention. Clickers come with an adjustable wrist strap and are easy to use.

Step by step instructions are included in the bundle to ensure your pup responds to clicker training. Your pup will naturally love the TreatPod because the yummy treats inside.

Both items are extremely simple and convenient to carry. Both items can go anywhere your dog goes and ensures continuous preparation for training.

While clickers are intended to be attached to your wrist, you can attach it to your TreatPod. This way, in addition to your TreatPod, you will have clickers readily accessible at all time.

This bundle is a perfect training combination and is ideal for all dog owners who want to train their dogs or have an excuse to spoil them with treats!

A Killer Training Combo

Training your pup isn't easy so we created the TreatPod Holder and Clicker Combo bundle. Utilize clickers to garner your pets attention and then reward with your treat holder.

This allows for utmost convenience but as well the ability to conveniently train your dog in new environments.

Training Instrucitons included.

Ultra Effective Training

Clicker training allows you to both get your pups attention and reward them when needed.

Experts love clicker training as you wont need to over feed your dog during longer training sessions.

Maintain Attention and then Reward

Do more with less. The most effective training is by utilizing clickers and treats to subsequent good behavior. Carry both to train conveniently anywhere and everywhere.